NASA Tries to Go to an Asteroid

NASA Tries

Asteroids have been a wonder for years now especially to those who studies more about the space above us. Recently, NASA has announced its goal to at least go to an asteroid and bring back samples that can be studied here on earth. In order to do the research, NASA has been seeking research partners who can invest in this ambitious project. It promises to give scientific details about the formation of the universe as well as the existence of life on Earth.

The mission is projected to take place five years from now, in the year 2021. At first, NASA will launch a robotic mission that will go to an asteroid task to grab several boulders off its surface. The robot will bring it back and put in around the moon. Some asteroid prospects had been made as well. After another five years, respectively on 2026, researchers probably astronauts will have to travel to the asteroid and conduct a study about it. The astronauts are given the goal of bringing back samples to our planet.

This could open new discoveries about the origin of life and of course provide important information and data about asteroids and its elements. Research proposals are now accepted. The mission will not just provide data, but will also help us to prepare in protecting the earth from probable dangerous asteroids. This will also open a new Mars journey. Proposals are open until 2018.

The robotic mission on 2021 will also demonstrate some defense we can do in order to obstruct asteroids and keep the Earth safe in the future. The project resolves to get a piece of an asteroid that cannot do any harm to our beloved planet. If it turned out successful, then alters to scientific books are necessary for the near future.

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